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Like countless fashion trends, statements, and movement that have swept the world over the past few centuries, bucket hats have some characteristics. From the moment Gilligan was trapped on the island, it was considered a fisherman's hat, and later evolved into something that attracted people's attention. Many people talked about the person wearing it.

Since a long time ago, straw hats are a common fashion accessory for women, and are part of the mod fashion movement. At the same time, it is said that it crossed the ocean during the Vietnam War and the soldiers used it as a way to block the sun.

In the late 1970s, it gained a lot of exposure, and in the 1980s, it really attracted people ’s attention together with LL Cool J, Fat boy and Run DMC, which made it an iconic part of their wardrobe and became a hip-hop and The essentials of the rap community have never really cooled down.

Yes, indeed, it may have become "unpopular" in the mainstream fashion industry, but it is very active in the underground hip-hop community. The transition from a kid who expresses himself in the lyrics of a turntable and microphone spitting everywhere, to a dad who wears it with his family during the summer vacation. One might argue that the bucket hat accepted by the American public was one of the first major influences of hip-hop music on those who had so little influence on the "fashion" music genre. In addition, it is just to illustrate its powerful functions and versatility.

But from a practical point of view, the hood is part of a culture that continues to redefine the world in many ways and will always be a staple food for many people to survive. If you have not worn a sun protection cap, you may miss precious years of your life. Remember, if these ears, neck and nape are exposed to harmful UV rays in the sun, they are still susceptible to skin cancer. You must stop thinking that baseball caps, fedoras, and handkerchiefs are sufficiently sun-protected because they are not pure and simple enough. Similarly, many parts of the head and face are still exposed to ultraviolet light, not to mention that the fabric of these hats cannot provide ultraviolet protection. Now, in contrast to the sun visor, its structure, fabric and style provide the best UV protection for your head and face. And it is essential to have a Korean style sandwich baseball cap in both aesrhetic and practical way.