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In the most influential world, the hat is no longer the "corner" in the travel wear, but is used as the finishing touch in the entire LOOK structure. Recently, fisherman hats that have become popular all over the world are used by designers to make great fuss. Various styles are emerging, so how to distinguish fisherman hats from the most similar styles of basin hats, what is the fisherman hat with strings difference between fisherman hats and basin hats, Let's take a look together.

Basin hats and fisherman hats are fashion items with great similarities in style. Most of the time they are considered to be the same kind of hats. What is the difference between fisherman hats and basin hats? Let's take a look.

Basin hat: a kind of hat in the past, which was imported from abroad, made of felt, round flat top, the hat wall is very low, and there are protruding hat edges around the lower end. Turn the hat over and put it, much like our old times Used pot, hence the name. Later, the style of the basin hat was changed to the current style of the felt hat, which is no longer like a basin, but it is still known as the basin hat. Features: The brim is large, and the material is hard and has a three-dimensional sense. Most of the hats are equipped with ornaments, which is easy to highlight their temperament.

Fisherman's hat: The fisherman's hat is also called a bucket hat. The English name is Bucket Hat, and some people have translated it as a bucket hat. In the Americas, the first to wear a fisherman's hat was the comedian Gary Gan, who was red in the sixties of the last century, and is now a trendy hat popularized by street cultures such as HIP-HOP. Features: The fisherman hat is a kind of hat with a narrow but deep edge, regardless of men and women. There is only a small circle of a trapezoidal shade edge. Most of the materials are the same as the hat body, and there is no hard plastic.

How to distinguish between basin hat and fisherman hat

The two hats, basin hat and fisherman hat, are very similar in appearance. If you want to really distinguish the two hats, you can start from the style characteristics, different brim and aesthetic style.

1. Different styles and characteristics: Most of the hats are equipped with ornaments to decorate their dignified temperament. The fisherman hats do not have too many accessories, mostly street printing.

2. Different brim: The brim hat brim hat brim is large, and the material is hard and has a three-dimensional sense. It is used to modify the face shape best, and it is not suitable to pull down the cover. The brim of the fisherman's hat is narrow and deep, with only a small circle of trapezoidal sunshade edges, which does not have the shape of the hat of the basin.

3. The aesthetic style is different: most of the basin hats appear in the noble and elegant image design, becoming a kind of high-fashion matching embodiment. The fisherman hat is popularized by the HIP-HOP culture, and appropriately presents the image style of street fashion.

How to wear it to look good?

 To say that the most fashionable retro, must be a fisherman hat with wide-leg pants. This kind of collocation is actually inspired by hip-hop singers, but how can the fashionistas miss it? Can the fisherman hat only match hip-hop cool girl style? That's not true either. The fisherman's hat with a suspender dress is also playful and fashionable. The whiteness of the fisherman hat is also reflected in the commuter outfit. A shirt with a fisherman's hat sounds strange, but in fact has a special attitude. It should be noted that a shirt with a strong sense of drape will be more suitable than a too formal shirt. The sporty wind itself is free and easy, and then the casual look of the fisherman's hat, the whole look exudes a casual sense of fashion.

What hairstyle is suitable for wearing a fisherman hat?

1. Short straight hair

The dark fisherman hat is perfectly matched with a simple brown short straight hair, creating a delicate and capable image. It is specially trimmed with an outwardly curved hair tail, which is very commensurate with the natural drooping hat of the fisherman hat.

2. Double Horsetail

Youth is synonymous with the girly image of a fisherman hat + double ponytails. The stylish and long black curly hairstyle is more sweet and playful after wearing a pair of ponytails. The air is very bangs and very fresh. It really looks good.

3. Long straight hair

The fisherman's hat with the most common long straight hair is perfect. The hair hanging down on both sides can balance the heavy feeling brought by the hat. The fluffy hair tips and the slightly exposed chin line under the brim combine a relaxed and mysterious feeling, highlighting A low-key and neat fashion sense.

4. Medium long straight hair

The black bangs-free hair style is a bit handsome in the smart style, and there is a neutral wind in the softness. Naturally straight hair ends will inevitably have a little curl, and the inward buckle part can just modify the chin and neck lines. Finally wear a dark fisherman hat, cool and shade!