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Adult diaper company all products are strictly in accordance with the U.S. FDA (absorbent pad class), China GB15979, GB/T8939, GB/T28004, QB/T2493, GB/T27728-2011 and other norms and processes to stop consumption. The company also has a large number of highly educated, qualified and experienced management elite and technical workers, perfect and has passed ISO9001-2008 international quality control system and ISO14001-2004 international environmental control system certification.

Adult diapers: Is there a difference between adult diapers and baby diapers?

    We are highly recognized in the industry for our integrity, strength and quality, and insist on customer-centered, "quality in place, first-class service" business philosophy to provide quality service to a wide range of customers. We welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate with us for OEM processing of adult diapers.

    The company has six lines of adult care products, including 2 high-speed adult diaper consumption lines, 2 high-speed nursing pad consumption lines, 1 high-speed adult diaper consumption line, 1 high-speed adult pull-up consumption line, which can consume and process all kinds of specifications of adult diapers, adult pull-ups, adult diaper sheets, nursing mattresses, and also has the ability to OEM (OEM processing) for peer companies.

The adult diapers oem in fact adult diapers are able to avoid side leakage, the plane guard is able to prevent side leakage, according to the special structure of the human body, can use special design, the diapers to do double leakage, three layers of leakage, etc., multiple leakage so that urine will not leak out, when the urine sprayed, by the leakage barrier several layers of obstruction, by the diapers complete absorption.

Shandong Rikang OEM processing, with quality to ensure the brand market position

    Adult diapers are ergonomically designed flat anti-side-leakage circumference, with leak-proof elastic leg circumference and a new PE film together to form a triple leak-proof system.

    Always adhere to the idea of scientific and technological innovation to build the brand, to improve the quality of production and service quality as the key to brand survival and development, and from product design and development, procurement of raw materials supply, consumption organization and management, quality monitoring and inspection, marketing and other aspects of strict quality of production and service quality, since entering the market has been loved by many consumers, production and sales ranked in the forefront of the industry, occupying a considerable The production and sales volume has been in the forefront of the industry, occupying a large market share.