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How much do you know about the shoes you wear on your feet every day? Today's editor and everyone to learn together. Mastering these will help to better choose shoes in the future. The following is mainly introduced from four aspects.

First, the surface of the shoe

A general term for the overall external items of a shoe. This includes the guts part, the front strap cross carcass part, the tongue, the cross guts, the inside and outside parts of the middle strap, the back set part, the mouth roll bar part, and the rubber strap part.

1、Gall bladder parts.

The part directly above the shoe (that is, the part of the back of the human foot) is the most prominent part of the shoe nail parts. Generally speaking, the manufacturing of high-quality leather and design changes are expressed through the shoe guts.

2, the front strap side carcass part.

Located on both sides of the gallbladder, divided into the inner and outer side for measurement, its bottom glued to the sole, the upper part connected to the gallbladder, wrapped around the front of the human foot on both sides. Due to the maximum press pressure exerted by the human body, the most reflective of the comfort of the shoe, is the most likely to have quality problems in the part.

3, the tongue part of the shoe.

The connecting part is the part where the gall extends toward the back of a person's foot. The role of the tongue on the one hand and the human instep close contact, not easy to fall off, on the other hand, played a role in beautifying the shoe armor. Whether the tongue appearance lines are smooth, whether the shape is neat, reflecting the overall spirit of the shoe.

4、Transverse guts)The horizontal decorative belt of the tongue and guts connection has the following roles.

Covering the connecting seam between the shoe guts and the sloping body.

The variation of the design of the horizontal gall helps to depict the dragon's eye on the shoe.

Further strangling the person's foot, making it difficult to pull out.

5, intermediary help inside and outside the waist area (located in the inner leg fossa and outer leg fossa parts of the human foot, comfortable wrapping the middle of the human foot, connecting the front intermediary help, the back cover, the bottom, playing the role of the top and bottom.

6, the back cover parts.

Wrap the part of the human heel according to the shape of the human heel is made into a rounded shape. On the one hand, wrapped around the heel is not easy to fall off, on the other hand, in order to avoid "bruised feet", do not wrap too tight. Now very popular without lining, you can step on, not easy to wear feet; something with a lining can not step. The shape is beautiful, but easy to wear feet.

7, roll bar: like the edge of the package

Wrap the sole of the shoe to reveal the skin, cut the mouth, so that the skin is not easy to wear quickly, while preventing the shoe elongation deformation. Generally speaking, because it is cut into rectangular thin leather or wear-resistant PU wrapped around the mouth of the shoe for cutting, so it is called "roll mouth bar", commonly known as "roll mouth bar".

8、Rubber belt section.

Extra tension and inner tension, the outer tension is located on both sides of the tongue, the inner tension is located in the interior of the shoe tongue and the combination of the core, the purpose is to improve the elasticity of the shoe, easy to wear and not easy to fall off the foot.