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Baseball cap factory introduction baseball cap plasticity is very strong, can give the overall collocation increase the element of movement, grounded and not too old. Curved brim has the effect of modifying face shape, but the greater the curvature on the face type requirements are higher. And flat brim cap brim is to "big pie face" more friendly. The following by the baseball cap factory to introduce it and what clothing with more suitable it!

Baseball cap take sweatshirt

Baseball cap and sweatshirt can be said to be a natural pair, because sweatshirt body fusion sports and leisure two temperament, just right and baseball cap represented by the spirit of conformity, with together incomparable suitable ~.

Curved cap tongue baseball cap, cap type and pattern design is not simply with the flow, but closer to the European aesthetic, make this hat can highlight different fashion feeling. With support love beans are looking special model! Couple, girlfriends wear together also very suitable it!

Baseball hat factory elaborate flat brim baseball cap relative to the curved brim of the baseball cap, more suitable for face curve flatter people, wear the effect show face thin face small. Flat brim design let baseball cap more hip-hop sense, can create a street model.

Baseball cap take pilot jacket

Pilot jacket by the pilot's work clothes jacket evolved, with a dash of sharp paradigm, and simple baseball cap with to create a cool style of wear.

The use of twill thickened breathable fabric production, the version is wide and not easy to deformation, the back of the hat with Velcro design, you can easily adjust the size of the hat, wear more comfortable.

Baseball cap take coat / windbreaker

Baseball cap factory elaborate don't feel baseball cap style more casual lively, can't match style mature coat or windbreaker, so instead can break the dull feeling, create sissy man balance sense of view.

Cool baseball cap, brim curvature moderate, metal buckle cap band can be freely adjusted. Version simple and generous, hat side and embroidered letters, more fashionable.

And above these clothes with, baseball cap can play the role of eye-catching, brighten the whole shape, let your wear more rhyme.