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Silicone rubber tube has good sunlight resistance, high temperature resistance, can directly resist the sunlight, can resist the erosion of water and ozone, suitable for many sealing materials, silicone rubber weathering easy brittle good, can be used in electric heating appliances, beverage and material conveying machinery production process of water and liquid conveying and other industries.

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Likewise, silicone tube has good elasticity, prompting the surface of silicone tube is not easy to deformation, and at the same time has a high light transmission and good permeability, all aspects of life and social production requirements of everyone. As the silicone rubber tube is high temperature resistant and non-toxic and harmless, safety performance is also very good, high environmental protection standards, silicone tube of environmental protection and technical strength is constantly improving.

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For the natural environment of social life, better protection of the environment, in favor of the development trend of social ecological protection of the environment! And silicone rubber tube is widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, organic chemistry, machinery and equipment, electrical industrial production, life pipe sealing and other fields, in daily life, social production to give full play to the key effectiveness.