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When a crane is used for a long time or overloaded, its parts can be damaged because they cannot withstand it. But fortunately, this damage can be repaired by welding. The following is shared by the crane repair Skyhawk editorial for everyone.


  Repair process is actually not complicated, the key technology is to avoid the emergence of hot and cold cracks, and the effective way is to reduce the diffusion of hydrogen content of the weld; reduce the hardening tendency and heat input; reduce the constraint stress of welding, etc.. Considering the large welding workload and long regrinding time for overlaying the whole tooth, the restoration process combining tooth implantation and welding can be chosen.


  It is to open a T-shaped slot at the bottom of the broken tooth with an angle grinder, and make the width of the upper port the same as the root width of the original tooth, and the width of the lower port is 40mm larger than the width of the upper port,. Then, use the angle grinder to grind the bottom of the slot and the surrounding smooth, and measure out the exact size of the T-slot.